Super Arcade


This is unlike any place you have ever been. Everything is a game. With over 10,000 machines, this is the largest arcade in the world. They arcade is ten stories tall. Everything you could ever imagine is here. Go carts, bumper boats, bowling, miniature golf, bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, Ferris wheels, merry go rounds, a roller coaster that goes around through the entire building. No one goes home a loser from this place. When you get home, you will be blowing tickets out your nostrils for weeks. From the top of the building, a person can choose to bungee jump off. This place is every kid dream and every adult’s playground. You can pick cotton candy from the ceiling and lollipops from the walls. Perhaps one of the greatest things about this arcade is the full size air hockey game. It takes two teams of ten people but finding anyone to play is easy here.