Experience your wild side by staying at the Bear World camp ground. Just south of Rexburg.

During your stay you will be surrounded by all kinds of wild life including Rocky Mountain Elk, Bison, White-tail Deer, Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Goats, Moose, both American Black Bears and Grizzly Bears, and also Gray Wolves. As part of the experience they try to make it as natural as possible. So no RV's are aloud. There are no designated camping spots you just set up your tent out with the wild life or sleep under the stars. We do warn you to keep your food up in the tree so you will have it in the morning.

Even though there is not any indoor plumbing or electricity they still have plenty of amenities. There is a plethora of trees and bushes around. You even have a few ponds you can go swimming or take a bath in. You can not complain about the price either it is only $20 extra per family. You do have to pay more to get into the park though.

Camping at Bear World is truly an experience like no other, so come on down and put your outdoor skills to the test.