Rexburg Lake Fishing


Located at the heart of Rexburg Idaho, Rexburg lake is a perfect place to go fishing. Don't worry about bringing your pole, fishing here is a little more on the redneck side. So you might be better of to bring ten or twelve gauge shotgun.

The lake is stocked monthly with more fish so you never have to worry about not being able to catch anything. The lake also has a picnic area around the out side so when you get your haul you can come to shore and fry them up. Nothing is better than eating freshly shot fish.

They also have a rental facility here were you can rent your boats, guns, and fishing nets. They will also sell you your ammo and dynamite for those that want a little more extreme fishing.

After you get your fish they float to the surface and you just go pick it up with a net. They do have a policy here of no catch and return, so make sure you don't leave any thing behind. If you leave here hungry it is your own fault.