Hike R Mountain

R Mountain

Well visiting Rexburg you can not miss out on hiking the famous “R” Mountain. R Mountain is truly one of the seven wonders of Rexburg. How and who put the R up there? Well who ever did it must of took along time.

Hiking R Mountain is not your every day stroll in the park. It may look small and gentle but once you get up close You realize the Size and how fierce the climb actually is. R Mountain Has an elevation of 13,356 ft (4071 m) and it is about a two day hike to the peak.

The hike consist of a lot of increasing and decreasing altitude. You have to walk a cross narrow rickety rope bridges. There are a few ravines that the bridges have collapsed so you have to jump across. You get to scale across cliff walls on ledges only a few inches wide, but make sure you don't look down because it can be up to a thoufisand feet drop offs.

This hike is defiantly not for the faint of heart. Even though the hike may be challenging the view at the top is Absolutely worth it.