Rick's Paintballing

Air Plane

Are you tired of the every day paintballing being limited by the course you are playing on. Well at Rick's paint balling the sky truly is the limit. They take you up into the air with their old military cargo jet. The inside of the plain is set up with a paint ball course so you can play while in the air. You can easily play with 20 of your friends. The the leaning and turbulence off the plain adds a new experience to the game. But don't let the fun stop there. When you have reached full altitude and have finished playing your game that is when the real excitement starts.

The back door of the plain opens up and everyone starts flooding out of the plain. A new game has officially started. Do you have the skills to make the ten minute fall with out being shot.

Don't let the price tag of $260 scare you off. For that price they will supply you with all the gear including the paint, guns, air, and the parachute. They also have group rate of $5000 so you can bring up to twenty of your friend and have they whole plain to your self.

Rick's paintballing is something that you will never regret doing but you will always regret it if you don't.